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About Us

We deliver exceptional candidates through client centred relationships


You’ve been through it before, “quick we need someone, speak to recruiters”.  This tends to be the beginning of the end. Different recruiters take what they think you are looking for to the marketplace and come back with a wide range of results due to their lack of understanding of your business. Quality for you and experience for the candidate is low, wasting time, money and worst of all missing that quality candidate that you were looking for to ensure you meet your business goals and strategy.


We have flipped the traditional recruitment model on its head. We are client centred, meaning we only work on exclusive projects that we intend to complete. This allows us to fully understand your requirement, your business and the factors that lead to success working with you. It means that our search can be far more focussed, not speaking to your potential candidates about other roles and businesses, our exclusivity means that we engage the candidate marketplace on your behalf.


Exclusivity with our clients means that we can invest more time, have a transparent process and deliver a high-quality shortlist while keeping our costs competitive. We sit on your side of the table, effectively becoming your remote recruitment department.

Why Work With Us?

Relationship First.

We will never jeopardise a relationship to make a quick fee.  We are honest and open with our clients in relation to our capabilities, your project and our service.  If we get it wrong, we will work with you to find the right solution and understand why it went wrong.

Partnership Mentality.

Our business model builds credibility based on our experience and ability to quickly understand and interpret your business environment, strategy and role requirements to candidates.  To be efficient and effective  we have to take a partnership approach – hence only working on an exclusive basis with our clients.

We Are Built to Add Value.

As an externally facing recruitment partner we have the right approach and experience to add value to your recruitment process.  We know building great teams is about more than marketing a job specification, it’s about sharing information about company goals, team dynamics, ethos and culture.   Through our collective years of experience working in industry, both in house and as external recruiters, as well as managing our own business, we know success is delivered through a considered end to end approach and not a pushy uninformed sales process.

Recruitment Specialists in Derby

Our business understanding lends itself to understanding the
unique challenges of each role and translating that for the candidate.
marketplace. This encompasses CEO / COO / CFO / FD / MD / OD etc…


Recruitment Specialists in Derby

This is a follow on from the above category, we have key experience
working with business owners to succession plan and ensure their
future exit from their business.


Recruitment Specialists in Derby

We have a wealth of experience and are well positioned to support turnaround
projects from a resourcing perspective. Helping businesses understand what they
could achieve through addressing skill gaps and structural inefficiencies. We can
help craft the brief and resource people that truly take a business to its potential.


Recruitment Specialists in Derby

Our service isn’t best suited to shop floor staffing, but from ourexperience with
some of the region’s most prestigious engineering and manufacturing businesses,
we are well positioned to fill most technical and management positions within
these environments.


Recruitment Specialists in Derby

From Sales Director and Marketing Director through to business development, we have
built sales teams and advised on the sales and marketing function of a number of businesses.


Recruitment Specialists in Derby

Because of our time in this market, we understand the challenges that technical businesses
face. Whether it be a specific IT Support business, an in-house IT team or software house.
We have delivered a large range of skills in this marketplace. 


What Our Clients Say About Us

Who We Are

Recruitment Specialists in Derby
Justin Weir
Recruitment Specialists in Derby
Josh Turner

Why Recruitment?

We setup Turner and Voce because we believe that the recruitment market needs to evolve.  The traditional recruitment model has led to the industry as a whole losing some credibility.


Through our experience in running businesses, working in industry as both in house recruiters and as external recruitment partners we feel that we can offer committed clients a different way to delivering success and sustainability in the hiring process.  The fact that businesses are built on people will not change.  Outsourcing recruitment is a valuable service when done right, identifying the people that will build your business, propel you to growth and bring new expertise for years to come.


Our model is based on commitment from and to our clients.  A commitment to a relationship that will enable growth.  A commitment to add value.  A commitment to deliver a focused and transparent service.


We would love to talk to you about how we can help find the people that will add value to your business for years to come.

Get In Touch

Recruitment Specialists in Derby

If you have any questions or need to get in touch, drop us an email.
St Helen’s House,
King Street,
Cathedral Quarter,
DE1 3EE.
Email:      info@turnerandvoce.co.uk